Keeping your Home for Life
What would it mean to you if you could free up dollars on a monthly basis?

For many seniors, the news of the overall economy is part of your day-to-day reality.  You are having a hard time making ends meet and are facing choices that you never thought possible, such as whether or not to remain in your home.  How would you like an additional retirement planning tool to augment your overall financial opportunities?
According to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) data there are approximately 27 million senior homeowners nationwide.  Further, AARP studies show that 85% of these seniors want to remain in their home.  For most people, your home is your best financial asset, and we can educate you in the opportunity you have utilizing a Reverse Mortgage.
Before you tap into your 401K, your savings, your life insurance policy or you take out  a cash out home equity loan, please, call me and let me explain how the FHA Government Insured Reverse Mortgage, for Seniors only, can benefit you.  You deserve to continue living the lifestyle you choose.

Several facts about the Reverse Mortgage are:  
You own your own home like you always have.   You live in your home for the rest of your life.      
Your credit score doesn’t matter – 750 or -0- , you can even  be in foreclosure.

The Reverse Mortgage has been available and insured through FHA since 1989.
The National Council on Aging says, “The versatility of reverse mortgages has already been demonstrated by thousands of seniors who have used this tool to help them generate the cash needed to assist with a wide range of financial needs.”